The importance of a car service


“Oh, now two years have passed, I have grown older and my vehicle has to go in for a car service – again. Why do I have to have this work done on my car all the time, it only costs money and the car is working perfectly?”

This is a question many motorists ask and may be familiar to you. We will explain to you why a regular car service is so important for your vehicle.

Autoservice wichtig

Modern cars are becoming more advanced, have more electronic assistance, information and entertainment systems than ever before and are supposed to get you reliably and safely from A to B every day.

However, for things to run smoothly, the car needs care on the bonnet, as well as under the bonnet. It is relatively easy to sort things yourself on the bonnet and it can be really fun when your car shines in new splendour again after cleaning the outside and the inside. Yet, your car also needs to be looked after under the bonnet – this is done during the regular car service in your garage or at the official service partner, so that your vehicle remains just as reliable in the future as it has been in the past.

Car services are very important for keeping your car healthy and lively. Logically, this comes at a price – one where you often do not see where the money is actually going.

Under the bonnet: this is where it gets more difficult for the layman. It takes an expert who knows exactly what to do. He’s the doctor who tests the heart, lungs, kidneys and even the little toe on your car. Just as you should go to the dentist for ab annual check-up, your car should be checked regularly too. But for a car this isn’t about “dental hygiene” but a “service”, “maintenance” or “inspection”.

So that you can enjoy your car for a long time to come and so that it continues to accompany you safely and reliably, the investment in the maintenance of your car and regular services is worthwhile.

The three most important reasons why I should have my vehicle serviced on a regular basis 

1.Reliable preservation of the manufacturer’s warranty & goodwill

New vehicles usually have a manufacturer’s warranty of 24 to 48 months. To ensure that defects occurring during this period are covered by the warranty, a proper and regular inspection is required. If you skip a car service, you may be standing in the rain with the warranty claim.

Outside the warranty period, the manufacturer can (but does not have to) accept liability for damage as a gesture of goodwill if you can show that your car has always been well serviced and that all work has been carried out properly. So the chances are good that the manufacturer will contribute to the repair costs.

2. Distribute costs, avoid major damage

If you bring your car into service every year or every 2 years, you won’t be financially ruined by overly high bills. The service will never be free of charge, but it will save you unnecessary work.

Carhelper helps you to find the right service for your car and obtains attractive offers for you.

It becomes expensive and unforeseen when faulty parts or consumables that have exceeded their wear point cause consequential damage. If, for example, the toothed belt tearsyou can still use your car’s engine as a stylish coffee table at best.

3. Higher resale value in the second-hand market

“How do I achieve a high resale value?” 

A regularly maintained and well-preserved car will of course have a higher sales value than a neglected rust bucket. The service booklet proves how well and regularly a professional has looked at your car. “Check book maintained” or “all service done” is the name of the game on the second-hand portals. And of course this is also reflected financially. Service work is therefore always an investment in your car’s future.

So that you get the best for your money, Carhelper selects the most suitable garages for you and presents you with the most interesting service offers.

When do I have to go for a car service?

Service intervals are prescribed depending on the manufacturer and model. Usually between 15,000 and 30,000 kilometres or after 12 or 24 months. In any case, this is also specified in the service booklet or the car’s operating manual, where you will also find the next service appointment.

Modern cars show you when the service is due in your speedometer or on a separate display.

What is the service performed on my car and what does the Carhelper expert recommend?

During a service, your whole car will be checked and liquids will be replaced. This includes, for example, an oil change and checking the most important components such as brakessprings, gears, etc. to the general standard of a service.

In addition, work such as replacing brake fluid and changing the air filter and replacing the pollen filter or other service measures are included. However, these vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, sometimes even depending on the garage.

That’s why Carhelper gives you two options to choose from. The small service covers the most important work, which is more worthwhile for older vehicles.

The official service, on the other hand, is tailored to your car. The service partner who represents your car manufacturer knows your car inside out and knows exactly what your car needs and doesn’t need.

More information about the small and big service can be found here.

And with original parts, you only get the best of the best. This costs a little more and is therefore particularly recommended for newer vehicles or those that mean a lot to you.

If additional components that are not included in the service plan need to be replaced during a service, this may result in additional costs. The service only contains the specified points of the order, which are to be checked and replaced. 

This is how much a car service at Carhelper

Car model
Best price
Best quality
VW Golf
980 CHF
1310 CHF
VW Polo
1025 CHF
1324 CHF
Audi A3
1’025 CHF
1’500 CHF
Skoda Octavia
1190 CHF
1’570 CHF
BMW 118d
1005 CHF
1’302 CHF
Renault Megane
1’400 CHF
1’950 CHF

You can find more information about a car service for the models here:

Do you need a service? Then you need Carhelper. We will send you free quotes for your next car service.

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