Why do you need to change the oil at all?


To make sure your Volkswagen keeps running smoothly, it will need an oil change every now and then. A general rule of thumb is that the oil should be changed every 20,000 kilometres, but for VW models this principle doesn’t always apply. Oil changes for the VW: here is the most important information for your Volkswagen.

The oil acts as a lubricant, especially for the engine and valves where it protects against wear and tear. This characteristic contributes to cooling because the oil helps with heat redistribution. Through intensive use, the engine oil undergoes an ageing process. Over time, the oil loses its lubricating properties. If you keep driving without changing the oil, you run the risk of the engine starting to misfire or even coming to a complete standstill.

In new Volkswagen models, the on-board computer lets you know when an oil change is necessary. For older vehicles, the intervals between changes are stipulated in the service handbook.

On the road for up to 30,000 kilometres with LongLife engine oil

For new vehicles, Volkswagen relies on so-called LongLife engine oil, which lets you go even longer before needing to seek out a garage. With a petrol engine you can drive roughly 30,000 kilometres. For diesel you can go as far as 50,000 kilometres. If your vehicle doesn’t reach these distances, the oil should be changed every two years.

Your service handbook will clarify whether your VW really can stay on the road this long without undergoing an oil change.

Such long periods between changes require the driver to be vigilant. The oil level should be checked regularly. It’s always worth double checking: even though most new vehicles are equipped with an electronic gauge, it’s a good idea to check yourself too.

Whether it’s a Golf, Touran or Polo, every Volkswagen model requires a specific kind of oil. There are large price differences between the different qualities, all of which have an impact on the bottom line. Depending on the engine, a different fill level may be required for the oil to be topped up sufficiently.

Oil change prices at Carhelper

Prices can vary depending on the model and where you live. In the following example, we have used a VW Golf (from 2014). The customer seeks out a garage in the vicinity of Lucerne. We can give you an idea of the possible price of an oil change for your VW. What is more important for you: price, driving distance or quality?

Car model
Best price
Best quality
VW Golf
980 CHF
1310 CHF
VW Polo
1025 CHF
1324 CHF
Audi A3
1’025 CHF
1’500 CHF
Skoda Octavia
1190 CHF
1’570 CHF
BMW 118d
1005 CHF
1’302 CHF
Renault Megane
1’400 CHF
1’950 CHF

You can find general information on oil changing here.

Would you like to compare the prices for your VW? No problem, just visit the comparison site carhelper.ch.

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