That’s why you shouldn’t leave your car idling while stationary


The winter is heavy on a battery – much more so than the summer. This is also apparent with your mobile phone. The device generally loses its charge much quicker than in the summer. The same problem arises with a car battery. Cold and humidity have a considerable adverse effect on the energy storage. Car batteries in winter: what to look out for.

The car battery stores electrical energy and supplies the onboard power circuit with electricity. This includes components such as the air conditioning, heated seats, ESP, ABS, lighting system, onboard computer etc.

In the winter the car battery has a lower capacity on account of the icy temperatures. This results in a double load. In spite of having a lower capacity, the battery is under a heavier load than in the summer. For most drivers, consumers such as the heating and lighting systems require additional power in the winter.

How to ensure that your car battery lasts out the winter

A car battery generally lasts for around 5 years. In most cases it must then be replaced. If your car already has a few years under its belt, it is worth having the charge status of the battery checked in the garage before the icy cold winter sets in, and if necessary replacing the battery. This way you can be sure that the car battery will remain functional throughout the entire winter.

How to make your battery last longer

  1. Power consumers such as heated seats and air conditioning systems should only be switched on when the engine is running. The air conditioning in particular consumes a great deal of energy and the battery will quickly become flat.
  2. If the car is used primarily for short journeys, you should occasionally plan a longer trip. The car battery requires 20 to 30 minutes of driving time before it is completely charged.
  3. In order to guarantee optimal contact with the consumers, the poles should be cleaned of dirt and grease applied.
  4. Under no circumstances should the car be left unused for a prolonged period of time. The complete discharge of the car battery will significantly shorten its service life.

Should you decide to replace your car battery, you can find instructions for the smooth installation of a car battery here.

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