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It all happened so quickly: You were eating a sandwich on the way to work and at the lights it falls onto the upholstery. Now it’s all smeared in. What now? Cleaning car seats: Here’s how to get rid of even stubborn stains.

Topic – Car upholstery:

Some car seats are easier to clean than others. Upholstery is often more difficult to get clean than leather. However, with the right tricks upholstered seats can also be cleaned rather well.

With upholstered seats warm water will achieve the best results. Mixed with a little vinegar and all-purpose cleaner, you can also remove marks from even heavily soiled areas.

This cleaning agent can be worked into the upholstery using a brush and a cloth. When so doing, you should work on the entire section of upholstery to prevent unsightly marks.

In addition to standard domestic cleaning products, there are also specialist cleaners, which also does a very good job. When using these products you must follow the instructions on the packaging, otherwise you may cause unsightly stains.

Topic – Leather seats:

Leather seats are often simpler to clean than car upholstery. However, they do also require regular care. The seats should be treated several times a year with a leather care product to ensure that it maintains that new look sheen.

A little goes a long way: It is better to use too little cleaning product than too much, otherwise you might cause unsightly stains. Yes, this is possible even with leather seats. It is also important that you use a soft cloth and sponges. Leather is easy to clean, but if you are too rough it can quickly become scratched – these scratches cannot be cleaned off…

You can find out the best way to clean the entire interior of your vehicle in this article.

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